Designer: Ha'vanah Star


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measurements 7cm x 5cm 


Calcite is a heart crystal in contact with the angelic realm. A stone that brings forgiveness and compassion deep within the heart centre to heal from any blockages or hurts one may have faced....filling your entire being with unconditional love. Aids in self worth and self acceptance.

Pyrite in quartz is a powerful energetic combination as it blasts out even the most deeply embedded blockages. It aids in protecting one physical and energetically. Known as the crystal of vitality it brings great lifeforce and aids in combatting fatigue, healing any energy that may be leaking from your aura. A extremely fast and active healer it brings releasement to the surface for review to cleanse. A great tool in assist new thoughts and ideas, allows ones creative processes to flow.

Galena is a stone of harmony, bringing one into balance on all levels  and harmonising the physical, etheric and spiritual planes. It is a centering and grounding stone as it anchors one to the earths chakra. Dissolving self limitations it expands one to new ideas and ways of living,  assisting us in manifesting a new world.

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